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ZetaClear Clear Nail Fungus Solution

Product Information:

  • Manufacturer : Markethealth
  • Product Group: Health & Beauty
  • Product Name: Zetaclear™
  • Website:
  • Product Includes: 1 Package includes (1 bottle clear solution)
  • Product Treats: Nail & Toenail Fungus
  • Customer Service: Good
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Product Guarantee:

  • 60 days
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Zetaclear nail fungus solution includes a clear nail fungus solution that you paint on your nails.

Zetaclear has been the choice for thousands of nail fungus sufferers for over 10yrs. The company that manufacturers Zetaclear is a very reputable company that offers a wide selection of health related product and Zetaclear is just one products they offer. The clear nail fungus solution works by attacking nail fungus from the outside. You simply apply the solution a few times a day to all your infected nails.

Each package contains 1 bottle of clear nail fungus solution.

Zetaclear Discounted packages:

6 Packages – Buy 3 Packages & get 3 FREE. $281.00
$149.95 (recommended for stubborn occurrences)

3 Packages – Buy 2 Packages & get 1 FREE. $141.00
$99.95 (recommended for severe occurrences)

1 Package $49.95 (recommended for very very mild occurrences)

* price shown are in USD

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