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What’s All The Buzz About Fungisil

Infected finger nail before treatmentClear nails after treatmentUndoubtedly, Funginix, which used to be called “Fungisil”, should be a product that you want to look more closely at if you are suffering from mild to severe nail fungus with visible signs of nail fungus rot.

Toenail Rot Symptoms – Signs And Nail Condition

Typical examples of nail rot occur on the toe nails but can occur on finger nails as well. Any change in nail texture, discoloration or thickening of the nail may indicate that the nail may already be diseased and is considered nail fungus rot commonly called Onychomycosis. This condition can also exhibit brittle, chipping and even complete loss of nail. Pain, discharge, redness and unsightly appearance of the nails are all considered part of the nasty process that occur without treatment.

Nail Rot Prevention and Treatment with Funginix

Choosing a nail fungus treatment such as Funginix is easy because it means you are using one of the most effective treatments currently available to treat your nail fungus symptoms and the results some of our readers are getting really demonstrates the effectiveness of the product (see below). Funginix is very effective at curing and stopping nail fungus rot, depending on how severe your condition is.

Based on feedback and our own personal experience the most important benefits found in any topical is the length of treatment. I’ll say it again. Results show that the longer you use the treatment the better the results are. Curing nail fungus is difficult but continual use of Funginix, even over longer extended times, cures nail fungus completely. How long will that take? Well that really depends of how long you’ve had Onychomycosis, your age, your health plus a number of other factors including, how long you’re willing to treat the condition. Generally however you will see visible signs of new fungus free nail regrowth in a few weeks to a few months. Again, this depends on individual use and no two users will see the same results.

We have compiled a list of the top ten questions submitted to our customer support team, questions regarding Funginix.

Top Question Asked About Fungisil

These questions are in no particularly order and updated by our editors on a regular basis.

Q: Can i buy Funginix in the UK, Australia Or Canada?
A: Fungisil is not sold in any of these countries. It is a U.S. based product and shipped worldwide from Santa Barbara, California. Fungisil Ships worldwide.
Q: How Many bottles should i order?
A: We always tell visitors to order more bottles then they need. You’re wasting money if you order only one bottle because more often than not, one bottle will not be enough to completely cure your fungus and you may not see the results your looking for if you stop treatment after only a month. We recommend at least a 3 – 5 month supply which is the best value for your money and the most popular package purchased by our customers.
Q: Funginix Coupon Code / Fungisil Coupon
A: Yes, click on these coupon codes to get discounts on Fungisil via these direct links. These links will take you directly to package and will apply the Coupon Discounts automatically for you. Click on the link below then scroll to the bottom of the page to find the Special Free Bottle Offers.
Q: Funginix In Stores
A: Fungisil is NOT sold at Walgreen’s, Walmart, EBay or even Amazon. You CANNOT buy fungisil in any store, pharmacy or from a doctor.
Q: What Are The Ingredients In Funginix
A: The ingredients are all natural, one being Tree Tea Oil which produces a wonderful soothing sensation. Other ingredients include Aloe, Lavender, Jasmine and clove oils.
Q: Funginix vs Zetaclear
A: This is a question we get asked often. Both products work equally well but Fungisil works a little faster than Zetaclear. Based on our customers it seems that Fugisil is the best product at the moment.
Q: Is Funginix A Scam?
A: Fungisil is not a scam and works very very well when used continually over the treatment period. The product lives up to expectations. I think that many people don’t use the product long enough. Nail fungus takes a long time to heal Be sure to use Funginix according to the directions and give it time to work. You should see results from a few weeks to a few months of use.
Q: Funginix For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers
A: We are not a doctors but we think pregnant and nursing mother should wait. Even though the product is all natural we would not use anything during pregnancy or while nursing. That’s our personal opinion so check with your doctor before using anything, not just Fungisil.
Q: Funginix Side Effects
A: Funginix does not have any known side effects. Funginix DOES Not contain any ingredient that can harm you. It contains essential oils and all natural fungus-fighting extracts. Ingredients like undecylenic acid, herbal remedies like camphor and essential oils like tea tree oil make up the Fungisil product. If you’re still skeptical don’t use it.
Q: Where Can I Buy Funginix?
A: You can buy Funginix by visiting our product page.
Q: How Can I Contact You?
A: You are welcome to contact us. Send us an email if you have any questions at all. We would love to hear from you, your success, your progress.

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