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Nail Fungus Home Remedy – Ways to Treat Nail Fungus at Home

Nail Fungus Home Remedy – Ways to Treat Nail Fungus at Home

Nail Fungus Home Remedy – Ways to Treat Nail Fungus at Home

Are you suffering from nail fungus? Have you tried any kind of nail fungus home remedy?

This is really a very unpleasant condition that involves odor and pain. It should be treated as early as possible; otherwise the situation can become worse. I will guide you about some of the effective nail fungus treatments that you can do at home.

When you notice the different symptoms of the nail fungus like odor in the nails, redness, thicker nails etc., then it is time that you do something about this.

1. Listerine - Mouthwash like Listerine can be used to treat nail fungus. Soak in the affected area in the mouthwash for twenty minutes daily. It is used widely as a nail fungus home remedy.

2. Vinegar – Mix it with water in the ratio of 50-50 and soak the nails for fifteen to twenty minutes. Do it daily. Do not forget to dry the nails afterwards. Do it regularly for around two months. It is an effective nail fungus treatment at home.

3. Alcohol –
Soak in the nails in alcohol and rub them for twenty minutes daily.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide – Mix it with water can use for soaking the affected area for fifteen minutes. It is an effective nail fungus natural treatment.

5. Diet – Change the diet you eat. Eat fruits and foods like kefir and yogurt that aid the body internally and help you get rid of the nail fungus. So, healthy food is another nail fungus home remedy.

6. Turmeric Powder – Make a solution of water and turmeric powder. Apply the paste on the nails and rinse it when it dries. It works well for the nail fungus treatment at home.

7. Limejuice – Get some cotton and soak it into limejuice and then rub on the infected nails. Many people use it as a nail fungus natural treatment.

8. Tea Tree Oil – It is widely used for the nail fungus treatment. This is a natural antiseptic that works effectively as a fungicide and fights the fungal infection. Apply few drops directly to the inflicted area and rub carefully. You can also dilute it with olive oil.

9. Lavender oil and Tea tree oil –
This is a great combination. Take equal parts of these two oils and get some cotton. Apply lightly on the affected area 2 or 3 times daily. Lavender oil fights infection and irritation in the skin, while the second one is a natural antibiotic. The essential oils work well for the nail fungus natural treatment.

10. Cayenne Pepper – Cayenne pepper is a great nail fungus home remedy. First, clean the affected area and then dry it. Mix cayenne pepper (1/8 teaspoon) and water (3 ounces) and make it thick to spread on the toenail area and cover it by wearing socks. It is widely used for the nail fungus treatment at home.

Apart from these nail fungus home remedies, there are many things that you can do to improve your condition.

Do not walk barefoot in the public areas. Wash you feet when you take bath in public pools and showers. Also wash when you change in dressing rooms. Do not share shoes, clothes, and other personal items with others. And, keep your nails short.

So, follow these nail fungus natural remedies and they will surely benefit you for your problem.

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