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How to Detect Nail Fungus – Symptoms of Nail Fungus

Symptoms associated with nail fungusNail Fungus Symptoms

Nail fungus is really a painful condition and it can also be a dangerous if it is not treated. It is an infection that spreads under your nails. This fungus can attack you through many places.

You can get infected from damp and warm environments like public swimming pools, showers, GYM, and changing room etc. Also, contact with bacteria contaminated objects like soil and decomposing vegetation can cause this fungus.

There may be different causes behind this condition. The treatment of nail fungus should be done early and for this, it is required to identify the symptoms of nail fungus as early as possible. You can easily detect the fungus through many ways.

How to detect nail fungus? The below mentioned Nail Fungus Symptoms help you for the detection.

1. Nails are thick, brittle or crumbly

2. Distorted nail, with no shine and looking very dull.

3. Discolored nails

4. Odor and pain in the nail

5. Yellow or white spots under the nails

Horizontal lines on the nails

7. Build up of Debris & flake

8. Broken & crumbly edges

9. Sometimes, you can also see powder when you scratch the surface.

So, these are the symptoms of Nail Fungus.

Complication of Nail Fungus –

When this condition is not treated on time, it becomes worse. You feel extreme pain and it may cause permanent damage to the nails. It is very important that proper treatment is done at the early stage. If not treated at the right time, the infection can affect the immune system by spreading in the body.

Complication of nail fungus increases when you have a certain disease. People suffering from diabetes have a high risk as their immune system is weak and it can impair their blood circulation. Also, patients of leukemia and those who have undergone an organ transplant procedure have high risks.

Precautions –

People try to hide their fungus by applying nail polish and using artificial nails, but it only masks the problem, it is not a cure and by doing so, you actually make a more favorable ground for the bacteria.
Also, people try to hide their toe nail fungus by wearing tights shoes and it worsens the situation. Moisture and warmness favor Fungi.

Shoes are a perfect place for fungi to thrive there is no air and sunlight. So, it is highly important that you do not apply nail polish and keep your feet totally open whey you are at home and wear open and well ventilated footwear when you need to go outside.

It is highly important that the fungus is visible, so it can be detected and cured.

Nail Fungus Treatment –

Early treatment of nail fungus is very important.
Doctor can diagnose this problem by examining the affected. It is done by scraping some debris from the nails and ten it is tested for the presence of fungi. After the examination, the physician prescribes some anti-fungal medications.

Some people also opt for the cosmetic surgery.

But, it is always better to follow the natural nail fungus treatment.
There are a number of natural remedies for this problem that wok effectively.

1. Keep the affected area clean and bacteria free. The bacteria thrives more when the area is not clean. Wash the infected area with an antibacterial soap daily.

2. Keep the area cool and dry. Frequently change of socks and shoes really help to keep the fungus under control. Wearing cotton socks is good, avoid synthetic socks. Always dry the area after bath or washing hands and feet.

3. Do not use nail polish and walk barefoot while you are at home, and wear open and ventilated footwear when you need to go outside.

4. Vinegar is a great natural fungus treatment. T really works for this problem.

5. Vicks Vapor Rub also works for this problem. Yes, do not be shocked. You may just know that it works only for the colds, but it also for the fungus problem.

But, it is suggested for only for the toe nail area because during the whole day you have to use your hands for different things like eating food, rubbing eyes etc and it is can cause reactions in the eyes. Apply it directly on the affected toenail area. You can wear socks when you sleep, it will save the sheets.

Prevention of Nail Fungus –

Prevention is better than cure. Indeed for this problem.

Make a habit to check your nails daily, especially after a bath and see if there are any abnormalities. Keep them dry.

Always keep the nails short and keep them clean. It reduces the ability of the bacteria.

When you go at a salon, check that whether they follow proper steps for hygiene or not. Bacteria build up in the nail care products and the staff of salons uses the same tools for all the customers. So, if they are not careful for this, better you be.