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Visit our Nail fungus gallery. We warn you, these pictures are not pretty but it does speak a thousand words about what nail fungus can do, if left untreated for a period of time.

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Our editor, June is an ex nail fungus sufferer and author of various articles on the site. This site is dedicated to the millions who suffer from nail fungus and wish to find a treatment solution that works. Our reviews encompass some of the finest over the counter treatments available.

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Try One Of These Top 3 Nail Fungus Treatments

  • Funginix Solution – ranks a very close second, the only reason is due to PRICE otherwise it is preferred by more people than Zetaclear. If you’re ok with a 5 month supply costing the same as a 6 month supply of Zetaclear, we recommend it!
  • Claripro – chosen by many to maintain the appearance of their nails after major treatment. Use this in combination or in addition to the top two ranked product above.

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